Many times when you finish a course especially like the PPC course where you have a fantastic network of people and a place you are visiting, you can feel a little isolated and that is why London Institute of Photography endeavor to really work hard to continue to build our community.
We decided the end of last year to create a Portfolio development programme so as you are launching yourself into your career we are still here to help you with things like focusing on your body of work. You have 7 yes, 7 mentoring sessions and are held in monthly intervals over 6 months. This really gives you the confidence to go out there and get the work you want and quickly.

What the Portfolio Development Programme covers:

  • Discuss and define strategies to develop and refine the student’s brand
  • Set goals, including photography projects, exhibitions, social media and industry contacts
  • Executing these goals with support and One to One mentoring from LIoP tutors
  • The Portfolio Development Programme gives students free access to all LIoP’s studio facilities which include:
    • Portrait studio & lighting equipment
    • Film cameras
    • Inkjet printers
    • Film scanner

If you want to read more about it check it out on our website here: