It can be difficult to maintain your photography especially with life admin and other work.

Photographer’s block is real!
The answer is a Project. You can have several projects on the go and they don’t need to be conceptual.

Student’s often ask how do we create a unique project? This is not necessarily what photography is about. The most interesting images are when they have an emotional connection to the subject through the photographer. In other words, images are about you and how you connect to your chosen subject.

Nan Goldin photographed her friends, she was not technically perfect at the time and was criticised for it but yet she became one of the most important documentary photographers.

Of course, we are not all having lives like Nan Goldin was back in the 80’s but we all have interesting family dynamics, don’t we?!

Have a look at our mind maps blog post. Perhaps begin here.

Who are you? What are your interests? What do you find yourself drawn to take images of time and time again? Do you want to create aesthetically pleasing images of a landscape or take portraits of your family? Or is it of an object?

So here are some things to consider:

This does not have to be complicated. No stress.

Your project could simply be a chosen colour or theme, it could be stopping people on the street, check out the Sartorialist. It could be your parent or child, it could be a particular crop. Have a look at our challenge for ideas and our latest Top 5  for photographers to research and to be inspired.

If you are having technical issues, why not book onto one of our courses? Check out our Foundation Course or if you want to push yourself a little more maybe the Professional Course is for you.