Happy New Year. As we close this year 2018, we thought it might be good to do an updated blog post on taking photos of fireworks. There are usually some displays happening.
When teaching the beginners level at LIoP, we discuss exposure and one part of the triangle is shutter speed.
When we look at images of fireworks and discuss how we achieve this, it is normal to think that you might need a fast shutter speed to freeze the fast moving fireworks. It is actually the opposite. We need a long shutter speed, we are talking about 2 to 20 seconds long. So here are some pointers for what you need.

  1. A sturdy tripod
  2. A remote to fire the camera
  3. Finding your location, manually focus before it gets dark
  4. Use a low ISO 100/200
  5. Have a deep depth of field F11 this allows for a longer shutter speed
  6. You might want to think of what focal length you want to use- Telephoto versus Wide
  7. If you need a longer shutter speed, consider an ND filter

It takes practice but is a lot of fun and of course rewarding. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year from us all at LIoP.