Candid Photography is when people are not aware or ignore that you are taking photographs of them. If you check out any magazines such as National Geographic or Time magazine you will see examples of candid photography.

When taking candid shots you are trying not to disturb the person so you can get a natural representation of them or of what they are doing.

Although you are trying to be discreet, technical elements should not be forgotten, for example, it is still important to consider the light while moving around your subject to get the most interesting image for the story you are trying to tell.

Anticipation is key for this type of shot.  The anticipation of what the person will do next and be ready to capture it.  Slowing down and observing is really a great way of getting better at this.

If you are photographing your family or friends or doing a long-term project, begin with talking. Observe their movements and patterns and then introduce your camera.  Ask people questions, and wait for their response. Your goal is for your subject to forget you have a camera and to act more naturally. With time, they will ignore you and your camera and just get on.

Candid photography is exciting and having your camera always with you allows you to take these type of shots. If you are interested in learning more, come to our Street and Documentary Course.