Metz and Racine can easily be given the title as one of the ‘Top 10 Still Life photographers in the world’.

Represented by the leading D & V Management, “their playful brilliance reveal the elegant, unconventional and secret lives of inanimate objects”. The duo set up their London based studio in 2000 and have since established their reputation as pioneering and innovative image-makers and directors.

Barbara Metz and Eve Racine’s work has been published in Vogue, i-D, Dazed & Confused, Numéro Homme and many other publications. Their clients include a wide range of luxury, fashion and commercial brands like (among others) Chanel, Dior, Selfridges, Louis Vuitton (including winning best direction in a fashion film in 2016), Swarowski, Visa and Mini.

Day 1.   10am – 5pm

Introduction – Metz and Racine will discuss their work and workflow in their Hackney Studio.

Day 2.   10am – 5pm

Taking the time come up with structured ideas and concepts for your shoot on the last day.

Introduce ideas to Metz and Racine for advise and mentoring. See exactly how Metz and Racine would shop for a shoot. They will be bringing you shopping in their favourite prop places to buy objects, fabric, backgrounds and anything else you would like for your shoot.

Day 3.  10am – 5pm

Organising and preparing your personal shoot in the studio. Creating the set from the props bought the previous day.

Day 4.  10am – 5pm

Working within pairs sharing different roles, each student creates their own work and photographs it under the guidance of Metz and Racine.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 4 days

Places: 6

Requirements: A digital camera with manual exposure mode and good knowledge of the Still Life Photography Course syllabus is required

Skills Acquired:

The topics we will be concentrating over the four days are:

  • Creative
  • Development
  • Improvising
  • Finding your own style
  • Working on a budget