Lisa Pritchard is one of the UK’s leading photographers agents and has been working with and advising photographers for more than two decades.

Setting up her own agency, LPA, in 2002, Lisa represents both established and emerging photographers and produces photoshoots for creative agencies and brands directly. She also offers a Pop Up Agent service to photographers without agents.

She is also author of two best-selling books on the business side of photography, “Setting Up a Successful Photography Business” and “Running a Successful Photography Business’’.

In her Masterclass, Lisa will work closely with up to 6 photographers to prepare the perfect printed portfolio to gain more commercial commissions. Whether you are an established photographer who wants to reach clients in different areas, are just starting off and want to kickstart your career, or already have a printed portfolio but just want to add some impact and get some inspiration, this Masterclass will break down the process.

No minimum or maximum experience required as long as you have 30 plus strong images as a starting point… or even 3000 but have got a bit lost!

Each day will take place at:
London Institute of Photography
The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL

Day 1. 10am – 5pm

Morning: Introductions

Lisa will introduce herself and some of the work her agency deals with. She will also outline why a printed portfolio is important, showing some examples, and summarise what will be covered in the 2 day Masterclass in a 7 stage process.


  • Your brand and your market. Establishing what sort of photographer you are and which market you would like to gain (more) commissions from.
  • How to establish which images are the most relevant to that market.
  • How to determine which are your strongest and weakest images.
  • The sequencing of a portfolio.
  • The presentation of a portfolio including what not to do, and what makes a perfect portfolio.
  • Going forward and ideas for development.
  • Marketing and getting to see people with your portfolio.

The photographers will then individually introduce themselves and their work. They will also answering some specific key questions Lisa will provide beforehand. The questions should enable the photographers to focus on the things that might need to be considered before preparing a printed portfolio and embarking on this 7 stage system.

Afternoon: How to establish what sort of images should be included in your portfolio and why (points 1 – 3 of the system).
Lisa will discuss with each photographer (see notes below) in front of the other photographers.

  • A signature style that is also commercially relevant.
  • The strongest and most relevant images to include in the portfolio.
  • The weakest or least relevant images to include in the portfolio.

During the process Lisa will explain the reasoning, citing examples of commissions that might come from including certain images and discuss what sort of agencies and brands they might come from. She will also give a brief overview of the ideal look of the presentation of the portfolio, this will be discussed in more detail on Day 2.

Summary and homework for Day 1:

Lisa will ask photographers to choose 60-100 images as a starting point to go in their portfolio based on the days discussions and bring to Day 2.


Day 2. 10am – 5pm

Morning: The sequencing and presentation of a portfolio.

Based on the edit the photographers have prepared Lisa will discuss the following with each photographer.

  • The amount of final images to be included in the portfolio that would suit each photographer.
  • Format and design of portfolio.
  • The beginning, middle and end.
  • The bits in between.Other details that should go into a portfolio, branding etc.

Afternoon: The final 2 stages (points 6 & 7).

Identifying Gaps and ideas for Further Development.
Including how often to update your portfolio.

Including what to do with your portfolio when you have it, how to approach agencies.

General summary/final questions.

After the Masterclass, at a timeframe that is suitable to both parties, Lisa will be happy to give a brief appraisal of each photographers final edited portfolio at no further charge.


Photographers will need to be comfortable with having their work critiqued in front of other photographers.

Photographers will be happy to do ‘homework’ on the evening of the masterclass. This should be no more than an hour preliminary editing.

Laptop or iPad with archive of work. Editing software if possible, but not compulsory.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 2 days

Places: 7

Requirements: Selection of images. Laptop with an editing software like Lightroom, Photoshop or Capture One.

Skills Acquired:

Although there will be a certain amount of one to one feedback during the 2 days, this should be useful and relevant to all photographers attending.

The topics we will be concentrating over the two days are:

1) Establish and reiterate the key areas all photographers should consider when editing images for the commercial market.

2) Identify the common mistakes photographers make.

3) Confirm a systematic approach to editing a developing a commercial portfolio to gain more commissions.

4) The information should also be useful in editing images for the website and other promotional material.