November’s Challenge is going to be “Still life”. This is an extra challenge as you need to be a “stylist” along with being a photographer. Still life photography is a genre of photography used for the depiction of inanimate subject matter, this can be a small group of objects or one object. An example is food photography or product photography. The challenge of the stylist and photographer or YOU! is to make the inanimate object interesting. How do you do that? The subjects are commonplace and you are probably familiar with still life in art—remember those paintings that depict a bowl of fruit or flowers in a vase. You need to use the light, camera positioning and styling to make this work so you can hone in on your skills.

You don’t need a studio- Natural light will do the trick and a reflector- white piece of card to bounce more light in.
If you have a macro or telephoto lens, that would be useful and all else fails you can come on our Still life course.

Tips and Inspirations:

Sue Atkinson 

Will Bunce

Carl Kleiner

Still life book

The winner of this Challenge is Indira Birnie

Indira has composed and balanced this image really well using a very nice colour palette. She was inspired by the Dutch Artist Jan van Huysum and has made it her own. Well thought out. We really like the contrast of the unironed background with the flowers and bricks- very contemporary. it is difficult to style and balance and by removing some petals in the foreground makes all the difference.

Submission Deadline

30 November 2019, 23:59 UK Time

  • All submitted images will be assessed on the basis of creativity, technical quality and coherence with the theme
  • Save your image as JPG with 3000px on the long edge and highest image quality setting
  • Submit a short 3 line text you want to publish together with your image that describes you idea
  • Submission is limited to one image per photographer and monthly challenge
  • You must sign up for the LIoP Challenge in order to submit your image
  • Submission deadline is 30 November 2019, 23:59 UK Time.