Frame within a frame is an old goodie. If we sit down and have a good look and analyze images we can see it being used EVERYWHERE. Lots of photographers use this technique both subtly and dramatically to be able to draw your viewer in. It doesn’t always need to be obvious.

What is it? This is where photographers use something within the frame in front of them to frame the main subject. It is a really nice way of drawing you into the image, creating depth, and visual interest and can be seen in all genres of photography.

You really need to keep an eye on the geometry of the frame. These include anything that breaks your frame into smaller sections: mirrors, windows, doors, trees, a group of people around a subject. This can add texture and interest to an otherwise flat and boring image. It can help tell a story, and if you wish it can provide balance to the composition, or add depth to a scene.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with and if in doubt go see a movie. This is used a lot in cinematography!


Tips and Inspirations:

Twenty photos a week- The Guardian
Joel Meyerowitz

The winner of this Challenge is Laura Kelly

Immediately, our eyes are drawn to the adult. There is a connection with Laura and in turn us. This image works in this context as the child is looking away from the camera and focused on what is in front of her. If both subjects were looking at the camera, it would be a different type of portrait and perhaps – too intense. The shallow focus used is really great. It blurs out all the unnecessary information but yet frames the subjects perfectly. Without reading the text from Laura, these subjects could be anywhere – it is up to our imagination. The red block of colour on the right does create a feeling of unease. This is a great example of Frame within a Frame.

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31 March 2020, 23:59 UK Time

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