Forgotten Object(s) could be considered initially as a difficult topic but checking out our tips and inspirations will help you begin and realize that forgotten object(s) images are potentially everywhere.

The concept of Forgotten Object(s) can create so much character and charm. Ideas could be abandoned buildings or places, Items that are left to rot and we are subjected to the decaying process, social or political ideas. It could also be images bought and re-photographed from Ebay- like medical slides or old photos found in a vintage store.
Another idea is a lost object, photograph then and there or take home and style.

What is the beauty of the disregarded? Is it the realization of time passing forcing us to be in the present?  As with all images, it is how you connect to the forgotten object and of course, the light and technical choices you make to create an interesting image.

Tips and Inspirations:

Stephen Shore

Linda Ingham

Patrick Hough

Julie Cockburn

The winner of this Challenge is

Gulja Holland

This is a wonderful juxtaposition of ‘Nanna’s’ hands holding her forgotten photograph. It is such an emotive image using the textures, light and focus for us all to reflect on our time (taking it the image from the position of Nanna). The importance of photography, holding memories and stopping time. The rich colour used in her hands with the blue overtone gives that feeling of nostalgia.

Congratulations Gulja!

Submission Deadline

31 March 2018, 23:59 UK Time

  • All submitted images will be assessed on the basis of creativity, technical quality and coherence with the theme
  • Save your image as JPG with 3000px on the long edge and highest image quality setting
  • Submit a short 3 line text you want to publish together with your image that describes you idea
  • Submission is limited to one image per photographer and monthly challenge
  • You must sign up for the LIoP Challenge in order to submit your image
  • Submission deadline is 31 March 2018, 23:59 UK Time.