This month’s challenge is the theme Red. We thought we would inject a little colour into this theme since summer is coming and the heat is here- in UK anyway.
How can you use the colour red as impact in your photography?

  1. It can be an element of the composition
  2. Colour does influence us unconsciously? Most colour theorists believe red – gives us a feeling of passion, desire, love, danger, determination, strength, power, or energy.
  3. It can enhance colour contrast. When you place the colour red within a frame of contrasting colors like green (the opposite colours on the colour wheel) the brain will always direct the eyes to the red object first.
  4. It can create a focal point and anchor your eye to a subject especially if you are using a colour that is contrasting like yellow. It can make an uninteresting image have a little interest and stand out.

Tips and Inspirations:

Marino Rosso – The beautiful gene

Fed Ritchin – Bending the Frame

The winner of this Challenge is Katka Saradinova

This image of Katka’s is really eye-catching. She has layered it really well using strong, vibrant colours. The black shadow in the foreground. The red car taking up most of the image, with the gold heart shape balloon leaving questions and a bus in the background. These layers make it dynamic and framed beautifully. The car is not a typical one we see, so leaves us wondering when and where this was taken and what is happening in the image allowing our minds run wild with ideas. Great composition and post-production. Well done Katka.

Submission Deadline

30 June 2019, 23:59 UK Time

  • All submitted images will be assessed on the basis of creativity, technical quality and coherence with the theme
  • Save your image as JPG with 3000px on the long edge and highest image quality setting
  • Submit a short 3 line text you want to publish together with your image that describes you idea
  • Submission is limited to one image per photographer and monthly challenge
  • You must sign up for the LIoP Challenge in order to submit your image
  • Submission deadline is 30 June 2019, 23:59 UK Time.