Self-portraits have been around for some time and with the ability to flip the camera with our smart phones and the selfie stick, it is not something new to us.


What about taking more time to construct a self-portrait? Rather than a mere snapshot but to really consider what you would want to say about yourself?

Start by asking yourself:

– Why would you like to take a self-portrait?
– Do you need to always include your face for it to be deemed a self-portrait? Can it be abstract or symbolic? Can it be within a larger group of portraits or in another type of composition like a landscape, narrative or documentary work?
– Can you use an object or hands to be able to symbolize yourself? For example if you like knitting and baking bread. Would an image of these objects represent you?

Once you start you realize a self-portrait reveals something to you about photography and about you. It also gives you time to experiment and to try new techniques with different angles, lenses or light. Have a look at Robert Mapplethorpe who used it to explore the different dimensions of who he was. And what about the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo? She is known self- portraits. She depicts her life, her spirit and isolation.

Looking at paintings and artist’s work, you can learn so much on how to position yourself. Look at the lighting, the set design, the clothes, and the height of the camera.

To be shot and submitted between 1 – 31 July 2017. Submission deadline is 31 July 2017 23:59 UK Time. The winner will be announced on 6 August 2017 together with the theme of new the challenge.

Tips and Inspirations:

– Use a tripod
– Use Manual focus and bring something to focus on where you will sit or stand- a deeper depth of field will make it easier to be in focus.
– Set a timer or have a remote control.
– Position a mirror in front of you so you can easily change position.

Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Francesca Woodman

Vivian Maier

Submission Deadline

31 July 2017, 23:59 UK Time

  • All submitted images will be assessed on the basis of creativity, technical quality and coherence with the theme
  • Save your image as JPG with 3000px on the long edge and highest image quality setting
  • Submit a short 3 line text you want to publish together with your image that describes you idea
  • Submission is limited to one image per photographer and monthly challenge
  • You must sign up for the LIoP Challenge in order to submit your image
  • Submission deadline is 31 July 2017, 23:59 UK Time.