Is catching people unaware in a photograph the best way to find the truth and a mood in an image?

What does it mean to catch someone unaware? Will they feel your presence and change, if you are holding a camera in their close vicinity? What if it is a long-term project where the subject forgets you are there and relaxes into it or is that all too much and distance while surveying with a telephoto lens gives enough distance that does not to disturb.

With the emergence of the portable camera, this made a shift in candid photography. Walker Evans used a 35mm Contax camera concealed by his coat and as people walked into his frame, he took an image.  Another different style is Philip-Lorca diCorcia, he used a long lens, hidden flashes, and captures what appears to be staged shots but again, the subjects are unaware of being photographed in the street!

Tips and Inspirations:

Walker Evans – Subway pictures

Philip-Lorca diCorcia: Heads

Maria Plotnikova 

The winner of this Challenge is

Charlotte Webb

This is a great example of using daylight to compliment a wonderful moment. There are many opposites to this image. It feels like many silent conversations and layers happening from the relationship of the three children, the relationship of the bird to the boy and the relationship to the space. There is an overall comfort but the details show an uncomfortableness being expressed. The colours are strong and subtle. The window frames the scene while Charlotte uses the armchair arm to lead into the image and create a circular movement and connection between the three children. Beautiful.
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