19 Art Photographers are asked the question in the online magazine Featureshoot what are their routines and there is a mixture of long and short answers.

One answer is by the fantastic Laura Pannack: I am a planner. Love a good list… I like to keep busy. I divide my time between research, meetings, shooting, planning, exploring and doing my washing.

Or Leon Borensztein: My daily routine is to procrastinate until the deadline passes. Then my creative juices start flowing, but it is often too late.

A routine is performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason. Think about your routine. What makes you productive in the day?

How do you begin your day?

Is there any time of day that you like to do something in particular?

Make Coffee, be in solitude, have an afternoon nap? Or take a photograph every day.

This man Jamie Livingston took a photo a day over 18 years of his life, taking a photo right up to the day before he passed away. Some Photos of the Day, 1979-1997, 6,697 dated in sequence.

It’s an amazing body of work that gives us more and more clues about his life, relationships, illness and feelings. He used a Polaroid SX-70 camera.

To be shot and submitted between 1 – 30 April 2017. Submission deadline is 30 April 2017 23:59 UK Time. The winner will be announced on 7 May 2017 together with the theme of new the challenge.

Tips and Inspirations:

– Make a list of five things that currently happen in your everyday life worth documenting.

– Always take the image, then consider if there is anyway to improve it and try again.

Andy Goldsworthy: “Digital Catalog”
“My approach to the photograph is kept simple, almost routine. All work, good and bad is documented. I use standard film, lenses and no filters. Taking the photograph is not a casual act […] Each work grows, stays, decays – integral parts of a cycle which the photograph shows at its height, marking the moment when the work is most alive”.

Mason Currey: “Daily Rituals”
Kafka is one of 161 inspired, and inspiring, minds whose daily rituals are recorded in these pages.

Thomas Wolfe wrote standing in the kitchen, using the top of the refrigerator as his desk, dreamily fondling his “male configurations.” Jean-Paul Sartre chewed on Corydrane tablets (a mix of amphetamine and aspirin), ingesting ten times the recommended dose each day.

The winner of this Challenge is Emma Balcomb

“This is an amazing image which allows us to feel a part of the action. The camera angle, colour and the moment that is caught, all give an emotional response. Beautiful moment.”

Submission Deadline

30 April 2017, 23:59 UK Time

  • All submitted images will be assessed on the basis of creativity, technical quality and coherence with the theme
  • Save your image as JPG with 3000px on the long edge and highest image quality setting
  • Submit a short 3 line text you want to publish together with your image that describes you idea
  • Submission is limited to one image per photographer and monthly challenge
  • You must sign up for the LIoP Challenge in order to submit your image
  • Submission deadline is 30 April 2017, 23:59 UK Time.