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Professional aerial photography by Ammonite Aerial

  • Talks
  • 24/07/22

Ammonite Aerial is a Bristol-based professional aerial photography company, set up and run by Edward Felton to provide superb quality images and video from the air.
Historically, aerial photography was extremely costly, time-consuming and often restrictive with helicopters and light aircraft. Nowadays using Drone technology it can be far more cost-effective and flexible to produce images from above.

With over 20 years of experience in photography, Edward has now embraced the aerial realm to aid him in exploring our incredible planet from a whole new perspective.

Ammonite Aerial is a professional aerial photography company that takes our work very seriously. We have our PfCO from the Civil Aviation Authority and we have full public liability insurance for commercial operations. Ammonite Aerial pilots can also operate around the clock with extended night flight permission to get incredible night shots.

Every job will have its unique risk assessment, site assessment and safety procedures before any aircraft takes to the air.