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Mentoring Sessions and why they matter

  • Inspiration
  • 03/06/23
  • 3 minute read
Elene Shengelia 2

In case we haven’t met, I’m Holger, the founder and director of LIoP.

Many of our Professional Photography Course students come in with the expectation of a purely technical course, and although our PPC is known for its technical excellence, it is just one aspect that makes you a successful photographer. I’ve heard from many of our PPC students that the mentoring sessions are what surprised them the most and I’d like to tell you more about them.

The mentoring sessions consist of five individualised sessions where we work with each student to create a unique style. This style becomes the basis for their portfolio and online presence.

We use a variety of creative techniques and exercises to help students discover their strengths and turn them into a recognisable brand. Having a clear brand is essential for success in a photography career, as we’ve seen many aspiring photographers struggle because they tried to appeal to too broad of an audience and lacked a distinct style.

Our programme’s approach combines technical mastery with personalised mentoring. This approach has helped many of our students carve out successful careers in photography. Let’s look at some examples from our PPC alumni:

Sarah Akwisombe
Sarah is an influencer, entrepreneur and educator with 40k followers.

Mauro Arena
Mauro is London based family-photographer and recently won the prestigious BJP Portrait of Britain Award.

Sarah Chandy
Sarah is a social documentary photography Who recently progressed onto an academic career at the London College of Communication.

Adrien Dubost
Adrien is specialised in Still Life photography and is represented by CLM, one of the most prestigious agencies in the world.

Jill Gandee Coulter
A photographer and stylist, Jill is specialised in lifestyle, product, still life and interiors.

Julia Hawkins
Julia shoots editorials and corporates for the London community.

Eliana Hiramatsu Lopes
Being of Brazilian and Japanese heritage, Eliana recently had solo-shows in Tokyo about multi-cultural identity in Japan.

Sarah Maclean
Working for businesses large and small, Sarah’s work was also featured in group and solo-exhibitions.

Mandana Madhavi
After the PPC, Mandy moved to New York City to study at the International Centre of Photography and has won many scholarships and fellowships.

Ruth Samuels
Shortly after completing the PPC, Ruth’s work was shortlisted for the Taylor Wessing Photography Award and Portrait of Britain.

Elene Shengelia
Elene’s work was featured it the New York ICP, where she currently lives and works.