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Lisa Pritchard and her Agency

  • News
  • 09/08/19

We are so delighted to have had the really fantastic Lisa Pritchard come give a Talk during our SHoW this year. The Talkwas really thought-provoking and insightful information from one of the UK’s most established photographers agents and shoot producers. You might be interested to know that she holds portfolio reviews, a pop-up agent, oh yes! so if you are starting out and need someone to take over all the shoot enquiries and shoot production, here is your agent. Lisa also has something called LPA/ Futures – A unique two-year programme that supports up and coming talent in the commercial sector but what we really want to tell you about is her two books that she has written.

Setting Up a Successful Photography Business: How to be a Professional Photographer
Running a Successful Photography Business

Honestly, there is something in here for everyone, professional or not. We have them on our bookshelves so why not check them out if you are doing one of our photography courses in London.