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Laura Lewis award-winning photographer, portrait and editorial

  • Talks
  • 02/07/21

Laura Lewis is an award-winning photographer specialising in portraiture and documentary. She shoots on film and digital, and her work includes advertising, editorial, arts and activism. Laura’s natural style lends itself to shooting stories and people, and she enjoys creating work where portraiture meets documentary.

Some of her awards include ones by Portrait Salon, Royal Photographic Society, Association of Photographers, British Journal of Photography, Portrait of Britain and Photo London.

She has exhibited her work in London and across the UK and has been published by Rough Trade Books, Hoxton Mini Press and has self-published two books “People. Places. Things” (2013) and “Good Luck and Do Your Best” (2016).

During this talk we will cover topics like vulnerability in photography and how to step out of our comfort zone in portrait and documentary photography, breaking down barriers while holding boundaries with our subjects and bringing joy and creativity into shoots while making meaningful work.

From her experience, Laura will also discuss entering your work into award contests and the vulnerability that comes with it.