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BJP Interview – Is a photography degree always the right choice?

  • News
  • 11/08/18

Have you heard of the British Journal of Photography?
This is a superb publication that keeps photographers and the general public up to date in what is happening within photography. They have been at the centre of photography since 1854, yes 1854, celebrating the artists, inventors and pioneers who have shaped it.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Holger Pooten developed the Professional Photography Course to prepare students for the challenges of the industry and he gave an interesting interview in July with BJP with the question in mind: Is a traditional photography degree always the right choice?

Read it here.

We feel that our student’s personal testimonials is the best way to answer this question. We also feel our Professional Photography Course really sets you up so you are ready to enter the world of photography with a tight stylised brand, website and printed portfolio under your arm. With all the choices of the main genres of photography to build your skills from turning on the camera all the way to shooting really amazing work and getting commissioned jobs. There is a selection of ways you can study the PPC course and we are always happy to meet and chat or why not come to one of our Talks we organize monthly with professionals, enter our Challenge where you could win a £150 voucher to put towards a course. With small classes of maximum 8 students and truly, well-experienced photographers working in the industry. What’s not to love.

We look forward to meet you!