This week we put together a mix of famous must-haves in photography books with a couple of less iconic but equally fabulous titles that you might have not heard of.

Top 5 Photography Books

‘The Decisive Moment’ Henri Cartier-Bresson

This reissue of the original book from the 50s is just a must-have for any photographer.
Check out this video by Ted Forbes to see how the book came about, why they had a painter (Matisse) designing the cover of a photography book and see the inside..

‘SUMO’ Helmut Newton

The original edition of this worldwide publishing sensation now features in numerous important collections around the world, including New York’s Museum of Modern Art.
SUMO established new standards for the art monograph genre, and secured a prominent place in photo-book history.


‘Photography: The Whole Story’ Thames&Hudson

If you love photography and would like to know more, Photography: The Whole Story is a celebration of the most inspiring photographs that have come from this very modern medium. It covers every photographic genre, from early portraits and tableaux to the digital montages, split-second sports images and conceptual photographs of today.

‘Passengers’ Dagmar Keller/Martin Wittwer

The winner of the FotoBook Dummy Award 2012 contains striking photos of public transport passengers taken through frosted glass and bleak concrete bus stops in the snow. You will be transported in a parallel world where the lights are dimmed and there’s no other sound except the engine of the bus.

‘Pilgrimage’  Annie Leibovitz

This choice might not be the usual one when it comes to Annie Leibovitz.
But it shows another side of the world-famous photographer which you might not know.
This is the diary of a journey. In the spring of 2009, she set out on a two-year journey that took her to about two dozen historic sites in the United States and Britain.
No living celebrities are portrayed but historical ones are indirectly represented, from Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson to Eleanor Roosevelt and Robert Smithson.


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