As Instagram unveiled its new logo just a few days back we thought about sharing another one of our precious Top5 lists filled with more photography goodness from around the Internet.

Top 5 – Instagram Photographers

Marta Greber (food)

A blogger living in Berlin, Marta has a great sense of composition. Her focus is on breakfast food: she cooks it, takes photos and then takes the time to eat it.
Her Instagram feed is packed full of deliciousness.


Vishal Marapon (geometry)

If you love geometry and colours this is the account you need to follow.
Vishal captures everyday places and moments that would otherwise go unnoticed..


Visual Memories (street)

We don’t know much about the author of the photos, but what we know is that captures fantastic moment, mainly in NY, with a hint of Saul Leiter and his love for umbrellas..


Allan Edward Hinton (travel)

This traveller knows how to make you jealous!
Take a trip ‘round the world just scrolling through his amazing photos..


Nadav Kander (portrait)

Last but not least, the most photography-comprehensive of our list: Nadav Kander.
He is one of our favourite photographers and his account is a mix of fashion, portrait, architecture, landscape and behind the scenes that you will get addicted to..

Nadav Kander

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