Shutter Hub has a membership Bursary and in fact, is worth more than £1000 of services?


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By becoming a member. A membership fee is for a mere £80 a year. We know. Outstanding value.
Times are tough for many out there so…. this is the news:
Shutter Hub has a Membership Bursary. What is a Membership Bursary?


The Shutter Hub Membership Bursary Fund is a limited resource, available to photographers who are on a very low income and would benefit from the opportunities we offer. Photographers are able to apply or nominate other photographers to receive this bursary. This bursary is funded by Shutter Hub income, sponsorship and donations.

If you’d like to nominate someone, or yourself, please fill out the Shutter Hub Membership Bursary application form here.

If you think you could help Shutter Hub fund an extra membership, please make a donation here.

Do it!